Why You Need an Exclusive Jet Charter to Fly to These Epic Places in 2024

2024 is just around the corner and with so many places to check off your bucket list, only the best exclusive jet charter services will give you an awesome travel experience wherever you need to go. According to Travel Daily News, more private aviation players mean higher customer service provisions, from flexibility in digital booking to a pampered in-flight experience.

With fast and easy booking methods and a relaxing and multi-function cabin, there’s no stopping you and your group of friends from visiting epic places around the world that are conveniently reachable via exclusive jet charter.

Paro, Bhutan

If you’re itching to see a whole new world different from what you see everyday, then you’ll find Paro, in the Kingdom of Bhutan, or the Land of the Thunder Dragon, fascinating. This place has 17th century fortresses and the famous Tiger’s Nest, a sacred site for most locals that is about 900 meters from the ground. Mountain trekkers usually visit this place. There are also luxury accommodations situated in the area with panoramic views of the hills and neighboring villages. One main reason why only a private jet can travel here is its airport is extremely difficult to land on because of its steep hillsides and snow from the mountains, so the landing must be rapid in order to surmount the valleys.

Antalya and the Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Turkey has gained a lot of visitors since 2014 because of Antalya and the Turquoise Coast  (formerly the Turkish Riviera) that has the best diving and fishing spots and resorts surrounded with bougainvillea. You’ll also find ancient ruins in Tlos, Xanthos and Arykanda. This tourist site is also far from the Syrian border, so travelers need not worry about terrorist attacks.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta is a UNESCO Heritage Site filled with arts and music events such as opera, theater, dance and fireworks. The city’s architecture is inspired by the Baroque period, which will remind you of old European culture. The Grand Harbour is also one of the grandest places to see in Valletta, as it gives you a whole view of the city and you can cruise and dine with the finest Western food choices. The city is definitely a place for artists looking for inspiration. You can ride an exclusive jet charter to this place and avoid the busy and crowded check-in lines at the airport.

St. Helena Island

St. Helena is a secluded island located west of Africa and is a British territory. It recently opened doors to regular flights and is just a four-hour flight from Johannesburg. The island’s eye-catching landscape, filled with lush forests, white sand shores and volcanic plains, will leave you mesmerized. Diverse marine life, including the parrotfish and hawksbill turtles, will make you want to dive and snorkel. The island is also close by luxury accommodations such as the Mantis hotel for a well-deserved rest after a day’s trip.


A safari spree awaits travelers who want to explore the wildlife in Botswana. Couples can camp out under the stars or opt for kayaking and a visit to the yellow Zebra Safari.

2019 is a new year to start a brand new journey with loved ones. Make your trip worthwhile and visit places you’ve never been to by booking an exclusive jet charter that will take you to your destination safe, secure and in style.

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