Why prefer ESTAEXPRESS24 services for ESTA Visum?

The German citizens who need to travel to the United States are now exempt from the US visa requirements. This is because of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and Germany is a participant of this VWP. Electronic System for Travel Authorization, commonly called ESTA is a pre-screening program started by the US government for all the traveler from Visa Waiver countries.

The aim of ESTA visum under VWP is to improve the security of travelers and the US nationals. Thus the ESTA was designed and produced as a mandatory component of the Visa Waiver Program on January 12, 2009. The ESTA program is an e-visa application system that allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to pre-screen all travelers who avail exemption from visa requirements before they board the US-bound airplane or ship.

ESTA application is a simple form that requires a maximum of 10minutes duration to fill, but still, around 20-30% of German applicants make some common mistakes and face ESTA denial. Here comes the need of estaexpress24.com.


ESTAEXPRESS24 is a private German website that facilitates German travelers who wish to travel to the US for business or pleasure reasons with ESTA visum. Although it is an unofficial website it provides maximum benefits to the German travelers in many ways:

·        ESTAEXPRESS24 refunds the clients in case of refusal.

For ESTA applications estaexpress24.com has very high acceptance rates of 99.9%. However, sometimes an ESTA application is also refused. In these rare situations, the estaexpress24.com guarantees a full refund of the amount to the applicant. This current practice of ESTAEXPRESS24 shows that this site is not guided by a total commercial approach.

·        Better functional designing of ESTAEXPRESS24:

The official American website applicants find a rough presentational display of the information about ESTA and its requirements and the site seems not very functional. While on the other hand,  estaexpress24.com has better and affective ergonomics that promotes a simple and intuitive use of functionalities.

·        Manual checking of ESTA application:

Here at estaexpress24.com the ESTA application filled by the applicant id thoroughly checked to avoid any potential issues that may result in ESTA denial. In case of finding some errors, ESTAEXPRESS24 corrects these errors.

·        After-sales services by ESTAEXPRESS24:

Of course on the official ESTA website applicant makes a request and gets an immediate response. It is great in the case when ESTA is granted to the applicant, but for ESTA Visum denial or refusal applicant gets no justification for the refusal of their ESTA application. estaexpress24.com believes in real after-sales services and answer the questions. Thus, if ESTA gets refused the applicant gets a proper justification of it.

This after-sale service of ESTAEXPRESS24 is the best thing about it because the applicant gets satisfactory answers to the vast majority of their questions. In addition to it an applicant can also ask for other ESTA related issues to get a proper answer for their confusion like;

  • Can I renew my ESTA visum?
  • What is the validity of my ESTA application and ESTA visum?
  • How long will ESTA visum valid? Etc.

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